Annual High-Level Experts Conference 2017

17 & 18 October 2017, Committee of the Regions, Brussels


The Annual High-Level Experts Conference (AHLEC2017) will take place on 17 and 18 October 2017 in the Committee of the Regions in Brussels. Up to 200 high level experts are invited to discuss Renewables in Electricity, in Heating and Cooling as well as in Transport.

Key players from the European level are invited together with high level representatives from national, regional and local level to discuss latest issues and bottlenecks for the continued deployment of Renewables in the EU.

Invited Top Speakers

Main conference topics will include

  • Experts’ studies on the deployment of renewables
  • Multilevel stakeholder input on the deployment of renewables
  • Renewables in Electricity
  • Renewables in Heating and Cooling
  • Renewables in Transport
  • The ongoing political process on EU RES policies



Please find the AHLEC2017 agenda here:



Registration is now open. Please remember, participation is upon invitation only. 



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