EUFORES - the parliamentary network - official trailer

EUFORES - The parliamentary nework on renewables and energy efficiency - Trailer

Interviews with Members of Parliament

Interview Claude Turmes - Member of European Parliament, Luxembourg & President of EUFORES

Interview István Józsa - Member of Parliament, Hungary

Interview Gea Smith Bults - Member of regional Parliament, The Netherlands

Interview Carlos Zorrinho - Member of European Parliament, Portugal

Interview Oliver Krischer - Member of Parliament, Germany

Interview Linas Balsys - Member of Parliament, Lithuania

Interview José Inácio Faria - Member of European Parliament, Portugal

Interview Ivans Klementjevs - Member of Parliament, Latvia

Interview Marc Lazarowicz - Member of Parliament, UK

Interview Iulian Iancu - Member of Parliament, Romania

Interview Jan Geiss - Secretary General of EUFORES