7th Inter-Parliamentary Meeting on Renewable Energy Sources

The 7th Inter-Parliamentary Meeting on Renewable Energy Sources ended successfully with the adoption of the Berlin Declaration 2007 by the attending parliamentarians.

More then 60 Members of Parliament and 40 experts from the European Commission, the German Government, NGOs, industry, the media and science discussed during the 2-day conference in the German Parliament the most recent developments in the field of EU policy on renewable energy.

Main issue was the upcoming EU Framework Directive on Renewables which is expected to be tabled by the European Commission in December 2007.

In the coming months, the role of Members of Parliament all over Europe is crucial for the development of an ambitious EU Framework Directive on Renewables.

Therefore, EUFORES asks all Members of Parliament to implement the following activities within their Parliaments:

  • Parliamentary Hearings or Committee Discussions on the upcoming Framework Directive on Renewables and the related national Renewable Energy Action Plans (RAPs).
  • Parliamentary questions towards their Government on the Directive and the RAPs.
  • Raise public pressure and awareness in their country during this crucial moment for the EU Renewable Energy Policy and show the options of implementation in your country.

Please download the Declaration of Berlin 2007 (English). Translated versions are available in Spanish, French and German.

Please read more details in the Press Release of EUFORES.

Please download the IPM programme.

EUFORES would already like to point out the next Inter-Parliamentary Meeting - IPM@EUSEW2008 - scheduled for Thursday 31st January 2008 during the European Sustainable Energy Week 2008 (EUSEW2008). Venue: Berlaymont, European Commission, Brussels.

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