Projects are a crucial instrument for the promotion of renewable energy and energy efficiency in the European Union. Through close collaboration of different actors in these projects, important expertise in the field is shared and the national implementation of European legislation is facilitated. Therefore, EUFORES coordinates or participates in several European projects. Collaborating with a variety of scientific, industrial and NGO partners from all over Europe, EUFORES’ role is to use its extensive network of parliamentarians and other key stakeholders for the dissemination of project results and knowledge transfer. EUFORES projects seek to be financed through grant programmes of the European Commission and through co-financing from the private sector.

The Energy Efficiency Watch (EEW) project is funded by the Intelligent Energy Europe programme of the European Union and was launched in 2007 following a call by several Members of Parliament. The main goal of this project has been to evaluate the National Energy Efficiency Action Plans, which had to be submitted by the Member States under the mandate of the European Service Directive. EUFORES is the coordinator of the EEW project.

The REPAP 2020 project, also funded by the Intelligent Energy Europe programme aims at facilitating and assisting in the national implementation of the Directive on the promotion of the use of energy from renewable energy sources. EUFORES is key partner of the REPAP 2020 project together with the coordinator EREC – European Council for Renewable Energy Sources.

The RES-BOAT project was launched in order to disseminate results of other relevant RES-project results, having a regional focus on the Central Eastern Countries. This has been achieved through a website and a conference series on a boat on the Danube River in March 2009. RES-BOAT has been funded by the FP6 programme of the European Union.

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