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The missing "WHY" for energy efficiency

Category: news, press release


The Energy Efficiency Watch (EEW4) project of which EUFORES is coordinator, published on Wednesday 5 May 2021 the results of its new EU-wide experts survey The missing "WHY" for energy efficiency. The survey brings together the insights of over 1,200 experts on the progress in energy efficiency policies and key factors for narrative development in all EU Member States.


The study established that the perceived energy efficiency progress remains too slow across the EU27 and policy ambition seems more strongly maintained in the countries where a consensus has been reached on "WHY" it should be done. This emphasises how much effective narratives are needed to drive the energy transition and achieve Europe's climate neutrality goal.


A key finding of the study is that we need to strengthen the link between jobs, industry, competitiveness and energy efficiency in the public debate. This requires better data showing these benefits, beyond climate protection and cost savings, to gain the buy-in and participation of influential stakeholder groups.


Read the full EEW4 survey report here.

Read the executive summary of the EEW4 survey results here.




Energy Efficiency Watch is an EU funded project, aiming at supporting policy makers in EU MS in improving the degree of successful implementation of policy instruments for energy efficiency.


The survey provides valuable information that can help put the EU on the path to climate neutrality.


The EU Recovery Plan and the debate around the revision of the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) present a unique opportunity to reposition energy efficiency as a key recovery strategy.